There are never enough hours in the day to cover everything worth sharing, so here are some stories we didn't have time to explore:

  • The Seattle Times reports on colleges successfully using car-sharing to cut down on campus vehicles.
  • In Chicago, laid off transit workers are trying to take matters into their own hands with a co-op bus line.
  • Upstart OR Books is changing the publishing landscape, one reader at a time. Read more about their model here.
  • A new report out of Canada claims reducing urban sprawl could save the environment and taxpayers a lot of money.
  • London is trying a counter-intuitive plan to reduce urban crime before the 2012 Olympics: increasing open public spaces.
  • At The New Inquiry, Rob Horning argues for the importance of painful love in the digital era.
  • Oct.10 (10/10/10) is an international day of celebration for climate solutions. Here are (10) ideas from on how to spend the day.
  • The DIY site Instructables is holding their annual Halloween contest, enter your spookiest project and win.
  • Facebook revealed three new features, and even the Electronic Frontier Foundation seems pleased with the new privacy settings.
  • In this new TED talk, MycoBond co-inventor Eben Bayer explains how mushrooms could be the new plastic:




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