• The Internet and social media have been really great ways to raise attention and funds for extraordinary crises in individual lives. But when a bored 11 year old got hold of the same technology, she began a decade-long hoax full of enough disaster and drama for a soap opera. Gawker's Adrian Chen investigates.
  • Mac Expos are exciting and all, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to be at the first demonstrations of the computer technology we now take for granted? With this 1968 video from Stanford University, now you can.
  • The fear that e-readers will destroy great literature is usually a little bit overblown, but when a device changes Tolstoy's use of the word "kindled" to "Nookd," the haters may have a point.
  • We can't exactly run out of numbers, but we can run out of IP addresses. And we are. Thankfully, there's a solution: IPv6. Let Google explain.
  • By now you may have heard that GOOD magazine isn't so much a magazine any more after laying off virtually their entire editorial staff. But the former eds (and a talented bunch they are) are starting their own damn project instead.
  • Has "going green" gone corporate?
  • In Australia and around the world, academics are revolting against old systems of enclosure around their research. Footnotes for all!
  • It may feel like there are fewer and fewer full-time jobs and more unstable part-time work. And that's because it's true.



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