Here are our sharing-centric links of the week. Enjoy, and share your own in the comments.

  • Shareable's dear friend Rachel Botsman has a piece at CNN online about the new sharing economy.
  • Is microcredit just another debt-trap for the world's impoverished? The BBC investigates in Bangladesh.
  • New York's biggest underground (literally) art gallery revealed, but not for long.
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation is giving away two tickets to the Pioneer Awards, enter here before midnight pacific time tonight (Thursday) to win.
  • How is the internet (and lawsuits) keeping itself accessible for people with disabilities?
  • Are we underestimating the coming importance of the North and South Poles in a warmed world? Laurence Smith thinks so.
  • In the same week as Mira Luna's Shareable piece on participatory budgeting, here are 10 places it's been used. 
  • And in heartwarming news, an elderly Nova Scotia couple who won the lottery gave away the entire $11.2 million.



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