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  • A different kind of social network: researchers at Stanford map the spread of Enlightenment ideas.
  • Good news for the commons, copyright trolls Righthaven will stop suing sites for using news excerpts after a court decision in Nevada.
  • The NY Times shouts out OurGoods, an online barter network for artists.
  • The Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy published their new report on no-growth efforts, Enough is Enough.
  • More evidence that microcredit is just another debt regime, the Indian sector threatens "imminent collapse."
  • Will technology mean more open and democratic government? Not necessarily says No One Makes You Shop at WalMart author Tom Slee.
  • At On the Commons, Kevin Karner writes about the international "College Tuition Crisis," look for more news on this in the coming weeks. It's getting ugly.
  • And for you DIYers, submit your best project and enter to win a laser cutter, courtesy of manufacturer Epilog.



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