This is our final links roundup of the year, so we hope you enjoy it. See you in 2011!

  • Massachusetts, in an effort to reduce driving, is set to experiment with pay-as-you-drive auto insurance.
  • Wired's Threat Level blog talks to some members of the DIY transhumanist community.
  • John de Graaf argues for less work and more life and the great Wendell Berry responds.
  • And Chris Maisano for Jacobin tells his own story about his reduced work week in "Take This Job and Share It".
  • Salon's Michelle Fitzsimmons interviews Barbara Ray, co-author of Not Quite Adults, a new book on the work and life habits of millenials.
  • Make the best of a blizzard situation and enter Instructable's snow sculpture contest.
  • Amazon will allow its Kindles to share books now … sorta.
  • Car-sharing has really high capital costs, but is thriving anyway.



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