After a brief absence (thanks Paul for filling in), I'm back bringing you the best sharing-related links from the very edges of the internet. Enjoy, and I promise not to leave ever again.

  • What's the best way to combine childhood television nostalgia with cutting-edge social media activism? Join LeVar Burton's Reading Rainbow Flashmob.
  • Maybe we should stop listening to lawyers when it comes to copyright law and start listening to rappers. Horace Anderson of Pace Law School suggests as much in his paper "No Bitin' Allowed: A Hip-Hop Copying Paradigm for All of Us."
  • Instructables is running a "Make It Tweet" competition, challenging DIYers to integrate Twitter into new objects. Check out the Tweeting bird feeder – a perfect mix of technology and art.
  • Heather MacDonald of The Manhattan Art Institute takes aim at graffiti, but Bill Benzon at The Valve begs to differ.
  • The US is finally moving forward with an interstate biking highway. Six new routes will span the north of the country.
  • Anonymous couldn't let that publicity hound and accused rapist Julian Assange have all the fun. The hackstavist banner has started a new leaking site.
  • From BoingBoing, new applications allow citizens to covertly record their interactions with the police. New smart-phone programs allow you to monitor and publish online immediately.
  • Sometimes it's hard out there for a book nerd. Here are the top social networking sites for readers.
  • The biggest problem with driving might be stopping – that is, parking. San Francisco is trying to make that easier with special car-sharing spots.



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