Welcome to another This Week in Sharing, I'm your host Malcolm, and here are the stars of our show, the fabulous and clickable Links:

  • Governments have proven almost as stubborn as corporations when it comes to relaxing intellectual property restrictions. Which is why a recent pledge by the British government is so surprising.
  • Despite losses, car-sharing service ZipCar is still beating Wall Street expectations and making share-holders happy.
  • An award-winning Indian design for a backpack/pushcart is turning heads with its functionality, style, and low price.
  • Google cries foul as Microsoft, Apple, and others use old patents to try to push up the prices on Android devices.
  • We know we waste, but sometimes confronting the reality in any sector can be shocking. It certainly is in the fish industry.
  • In Baltimore, when cities close public pools, people open up fire hydrants.
  • There are a lot of arguments for relaxing copyright protections, this blog post argues that open access is a feminist program.



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