Here are our sharing related links from the week. We didn't have time to cover them, but we thought you'd enjoy them too. Pass 'em on.

  • When the economy is down, is it time to turn to large corproations. Not so much; small and local may be the way to go.
  • "Don't Fear The Internet," free tutorials about programming and the technical aspects of the web for artists and other non-developers.
  • One of the biggest DIY sites, Instuctables has been purchased by Autodesk. Could they be going corporate. MAKE magazine has a feature on what it means for the site's users.
  • The tech prodigy faces charges for taking JSTOR documents from MIT, but The Awl wants to know: Was Aaron Swartz Stealing?
  • The Pentagon spends billions and billions on military appropriations, but read how a hacked RC car saved some soldiers' lives.
  • From Raphael Bemporad blogging at Fast Company: "What A Detroit Supper Club Teaches Us About Co-Creativity."
  • What if car-shares operated like airplanes? Huh? Check out the station-car model, I'm putting my money on it.
  • And lastly, a bit of self-promotion. We'll have more on it tomorrow, but I wrote a blog for Jacobin on UK looting and consumerism.



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