This Thursday I'm posting from beautiful sunny Northern California, having somehow dodged an earthquake by coming to the west coast. Luckily all of the infrastructure seems intact, so the east won't miss out on this week's links.

  • You've got over a month to go on Kickstarter and support "Co-opoly" the co-op anti-monopolistic board game.
  • With iPads and eReaders changing the reading landscape, it's easier than ever to self-publish. Now software developers are catching up. How to use InDesign to publish an iPad magazine.
  • What are the demographics for iPhone and Android phone users? Some of the answers might surprise you, others probably won't.
  • Happy birthday little penguin guy! It's Linux's 20th.
  • The geekiest keychain rack of all time – which means of course it's DIY-able from the picture.
  • It looks like the old guys are getting the message: Hertz Rental Cars and Marriott Hotels will begin their own electric vehicle car-shairng program in San Francisco.
  • And tickets are still available for the first Open Source Hardware Summit – find out more here.



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