• The new collection Sharing for Survival on the commons and ecological stewardship is now available online. Cool title!
  • A new open Android-based video game console called OUYA has set a staggering $3 million fundraising record. The producers are scrambling to keep up with demand, offering tens of thousands of unplanned units.
  • Speaking of Kickstarter, if you're looking to support some writing by the best in alternative economic theory (including folks like Nina Power and Raj Patel), consider supporting the London journal STIR.
  • A new app tries to help users visualize their sharing by growing a tree Farmville-style every time they do someone a favor. Yeah it sounds pretty dumb.
  • "This weekend, 10,000 people will hop on their bicycles and ride 202 miles south from Seattle to Portland. I’ll be one of them. And I hope I don’t die."

  • Legal file sharing is still way harder than it should be, here are some of the best options.

  • What's the real reason people share photos of special events? Could there be sinister motives? Probably.

  • The Toronto car sharing market is now awash with options, who will triumph?




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