With Occupy Everything in full swing, each week is more exciting than the last, and it's harder and harder to stay on top of all the sharing news. Luckily we have a weekly links post to keep our readers in the loop:

  • The must read of the week: Shareable contributor Doug Rushkoff explains Occcupy Wall Street to the mainstream media from his new perch at CNN. "Think It's A Phase? You Don't Get It."
  • Even the old New Left is getting in on the game, former SDSer Todd Gitlin explains the anarchic roots of the current movement.
  • At Occupy Boston, protesters are doing the namesake of Dewey Square proud by setting up self-education groups and classes.
  • As part of Beijing Design Week, artist Nicholas Hanna rigged a bike to leave a trail of Chinese calligraphy written in water and controlled by his laptop. There's a video, it's as awesome as it sounds.
  • There's still a week until the first Tactical Urbanism conference in New York on October 15. Find out more about small-scale urban design intervention here.
  • Do you let your middle-school child walk around the neighborhood by themselves? How about your first-grader? It didn't used to be so uncommon only a few decades ago.
  • What happens when you mix a city under water with a generation under water? Generation Y in New Orleans.
  • Relay Rides adds OnStar to its fleet of shared cars. Could this be a movement away from P2P sharing and toward Skynet?
  • If you've ever wanted to construct your own spy equipment – and don't be shy, we all have – MAKE can hook you up with this DIY guide to a book bug.



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