As Shareable wraps up our weekend in New York and everyone but me goes back to somewhere warm, we bring you these sharing links in the hope that you'll pass them on.

  • Did you know 2012 is the United Nations' International Year of The Cooperative? Did you know urls could end in ".coop?" FInd out all sorts of new things at the official site for the year project here
  • There's no place that's so communal and so anonymous as the subway. Except for maybe the internet. Could bringing them together in a new way change that? Some artists in New York are trying to find out.
  • Some college students are finding upgrades from their dorm rooms in now-cheap mcmansions since the housing crash.
  • With both houses on congress looking at bills that would effectively censor the internet, that home of cat pictures and pornography is fighting back.
  • Having lived in the DC metro area and now New York, it's shocking to see how much more the District has embraced bike sharing. Could that be changing?
  • Complaints about Facebook redesigns are a-dime-a-dozen, but this one is especially good: How Facebook Is Ruining Sharing.



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