It's been a bit of a strange week in this Shareable editor's life. Apparently the Manhattan District Attorney is particularly concerned with what I write on the internet, so if he calls, just say I was with you reading these links:

  • The new book Sharing from Amsterdam University Press on the culture and the economy in the age of the commons is also (fittingly) available to download for free online.
  • After the brutal treatment of protesters in Oakland, people are wondering more and more how the occupations are going to engage with police in the US. Peter Frase at CUNY has some insights.
  • The Kinnect is the strangest product in recent memory, somehow dragging Microsoft into the hacking world. Now it seems to be embracing it with a PC version of its camera more or less built for modding.
  • An open call for submissions from the Imagine Science Film Festival just went up, find out more about how to participate here.
  • Smart objects are going to transform our urban environments, and even the most urban object: the trash can.
  • The Super Bowl is a feeding frenzy for copyright trolls at the NFL, check out how many domains they're going after now.
  • Car-swapping is one thing, but how about your homes? In the UK, it's happening.
  • The sweetest gift you can give a hacker? DIY heart-shaped gadget box!



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