If you're like me, you haven't seen any of the movies nominated for Academy Awards except the ones guaranteed not to win. And if you're like me, you also fear doing damage to your teeth gritting them through tonight's multi-million-dollar celebration of the film War Horse. So in the event you're looking for some alternative entertainment, enjoy these links:

  • Welcome to Officine Arduino, the new cowork space/fablab in Torino, Italty devoted to open source design/hardware and low-batch production.
  • Are you really green? Like really green? Why not show it by putting live plants on everything you own, like your bike or your ears?
  • The Prometheus Radio Project wants to get your pirate station up and running outside government control. Check out their upcoming free webinars on everything from how to get started to getting your own frequency.
  • How do artists interact with Facebook? And how can writers use the internet to make new forms? This collaborative essay attempts to answer the former with the latter.
  • It's not uncommon for tech companies to propose new ways of thinking about personal computing, but the popular Linux OS Ubuntu has never been one for gimmicky ploys. So this announcement of Ubuntu for Andriod phones is worth a look and some serious thought.
  • Isn't it a pain to buy objects designed for people other than you? Autodesk 123D is attempting to solve that problem the same way online photo printing services revolutionized the family picture.
  • Now that Anonymous has made government sites targets, one hosting service is keeping its distance.
  • Zipcar is making up for a little bit of lost time and has elected to back the college-based P2P carsharing service Wheelz.



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