This week Shareable is living it up in Austin, Texas at the cultural phenomenon called SXSW. Monday the 12th we're even hosting a party with free drinks, food, and dancing. If you're in the area, make sure to stop by. Until then, here are some links:

  • Since its launch, people have wondered about the possible uses for Google's group video chat technology. Now the company is going to try something: "Versus," a series of broadcast Hangout debates on public policy. The first one is on the war on drugs and will feature, among others, Richard Branson and Julian Assange.
  • In what sounds like a cruel joke about late capitalist subsumption, a new film version of Dr. Seuss's environmentalist classic The Lorax is doing an SUV advertising tie-in. Beth Buczynski asks "is nothing sacred?"
  • Facebook has announced a change in its advertising policies. Precisely, there will be more of them and they will be more annoying. But maybe this is what pushes users off Facebook and onto the next thing once and for all.
  • On Tuesday, friend of Shareable and Parsons School of Design professor Cameron Tonkinwise will be speaking on a "typology of social design." The free tickets are sold out, but maybe if you hang around outside they'll take pity and let you in.
  • Government austerity is slashing the number of accessible libraries, but in their wake has emerged scores of mini-libraries based on voluntary cooperation.
  • Bike sharing has made it all the way to the National Mall, as DC has announced it will expand its successful program to the city's top tourist destination.
  • TedxLeeds has gone past the usual talk format for an alternative currency discussion. They printed their own bills.



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