Most of the Shareable staff is now safely badged up at SXSW in Austin. While they're out partying, the rest of us can look at these links. Unless you're there too, in which case you should go party with Shareable in Austin.

  • When future generations look back at this time period, they'll mostly see the birth of a real art medium: the .gif. Thankfully PBS has realized its importance and produced a short documentary on the twitchiest of files formats.
  • You know that idea anyone who's ever been at the gym has had about powering the gym with the energy generated from the exercise equipment? Someone actually did that.
  • Thanks to a new city ordinance, bikers in San Francisco will be legally allowed to keep their bikes indoors. No more getting that front wheel stolen!
  • A new video contest calls for entries explaining the importance of open educational resources. If James Franco likes your vid, you could win tens of thousands of dollars.
  • The father of video games turns 90. Which means if you still remember the early video games, you're probably kind of old too.
  • A new API launched at SXSW promises to connect collaborative consumers across the web.
  • And now collcons has gone so mainstream that every week a major newspaper runs a profile of some firms. This week, it's Seattle's turn.



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