• Harvard and MIT have teamed up to give online college classes some brand-name style with "edX." Surprisingly, the name was not already registered by an adult site.
  • If you're in London later this month, make sure to stop by the Alternative Art College's "Education as Experiment" at Goldsmith's all day on May 17.
  • My friend Rahel Aima wrote the most interesting thing I read this week: an urban history of Tetris.
  • After some low-level property destruction in Seattle on May Day, some sympathizers are calling foul. This blog post at The Stranger clarifies some of the arguments behind vandalism as a protest tactic.
  • The future of research won't belong to solitary geniuses, says Michael Nielsen at The Wall Street Journal, but scientists who share.
  • Is Occupy as a creative movement displacing what we've come to know as contemporary art? The always excellent Paul Mason of the BBC investigates.
  • "After all this event will be garden building…right?…it’s green…it’s local…it’s hip…it’s taking a vacant brown field and making it beautiful…why would the police be concerned?" The Tempe police are smart-asses about guerrilla gardening.
  • Feel like you've seen a lot of marketing disguised as content lately? You're not wrong.



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