• New York's new bike-sharing program is making a big splash, not least of all because of its name: Citibike. As in Citibank. As in the bank a lot of folks who would be possible bike-sharers can't stand. We'll see how this goes.
  • If your city hasn't had their own major article by now about the rise of collaborative consumption and its effects in the community, then you must live not in a major US city. Portland joins the list.
  • A wedding contest is making broad use of collaborative consumption services as prizes, could this be the new kind of prize? It could be one that doesn't involve making a lot of stuff that'll end up in the garbage?
  • Charles Green at Forbes takes a look at collaborative consumption and trust online and wonders, "Wouldn’t it be great, the thinking goes, if we could come up with the equivalent of a FICO credit score for would-be trustees?"
  • And in a less high-tech mode of reusing, these pictures from Kenya show how to sew old sweatshirt sleeves into pants for toddlers.
  • In Amsterdam, groups of people gather around a table, but not to consume. Instead, they fix things that just don't quite work right.
  • Shareable friend Caroline Woolard talked to Hyper Allergic about alternative economies and the network OurGoods.



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