• Did you know in America it's "National Etiquette Week"? No? How rude! For those of us who forgot (almost everyone?), Gothamist has some tips on how to be a good roommate from the author of the advice column Ask A Clean Person.
  • "How to make cities more resilient" is a free handbook designed for local government leaders. Download it here.
  • If you thought the idea of the singularity wasn't complicated enough, try adding lawyers. Or just watch Tom Scott's video story.
  • Jill Allyn Peterson tries to parse the exact meanings of the different factions of collaborative consumption for Fortune online. Is it sharing or making money off friends or both? And look for the SHARENYC shout-out.
  • Is income inequalty too hot for TED? A censored talk raises some real questions about the plutocrat gathering. Okay, questions we already knew the answer to, but still.
  • There are a few groups of people script-writers can still get away with scoring jokes off of without any consequences for their careers. One overlooked group: adoptees.
  • Milling machines making more milling machines.
  • Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri, authors of the Empire series of widely popular left-wing analysis, have a new pamphlet out about the most recent sequence of activism. I'm sure they won't mind if you take a little peak



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