• In the proud tradition of lulz-based hacktivism, #TheWikiBoat is set to launch today, with a list of declared targets that includes a bunch of high-profile multinationals. Read their manifesto here.
  • When the power goes out, candles provide a nice atmosphere and source of light, but they can't exactly charge your cell phone. Or can they?
  • We've had links before about what happens when politicians get in over their head on the web, but a New Jersey mayor and his 22 year old son have set a new low.
  • A new Facebook app called Pipe is set to make Ted Stevens' famous speech about the internet as a series of tubes a reality. Or at least feel like a kind of reality.
  • Google has made itself sound like the good guys when it comes to building broadband infrastructure, but when a reporter checks up on them, they're maybe not feeling so sharey any more.
  • Transporation is a key part of looking for a job, but having a job is a key part of affording transportation. Except, that is, in one bike shop.
  • After brutalizing protesters in Chicago in town for the NATO summit, it tunrs out the police are going to have to struggle to get overtime pay. Ooops.



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