DataKind's Vision of a Data-Driven Social Change Movement

Major metropolitan cities produce a mind-boggling amount of civic data on a daily basis. But disenfranchised communities and the social organizations who serve them lack the resources to delve into this deluge of data. New York-based non-profit DataKind (formerly Data Without Borders) aims to address this skill and resource gap, connecting volunteer data scientists and developers with social organizations lacking the money, time, or the skills necessary to better serve their communities and address social ills through data analysis.

Repair Cafes Counter Consumerism with Fixer Movement

All too many of us are ever-eager to upgrade to the latest and greatest whatever. Whether they be computers, washing machines, or clothes, if something goes wrong or next next arrives, we're on to the next purchase.

Part of it, too, is that we don't actually know how to repair our stuff. And our world is set up so it's dramatically easier to cut and run than sit and fix. And so our landfills overflow with slightly damaged goods...a less-than-convenient truth that threatens our economic and environmental health.

How to Start a Tool Library

It might seem a little risky to lend out a bunch of power tools to those who probably don’t know how to use them. After all, tools can be dangerous, people can be idiots, and we live in an exceptionally litigious society. For some strange but very understandable reason, those concerns alone have been more than enough to effectively end many community tool libraries before they even start. 

Hack The Law

On Sunday, April 15, Brooklyn Law School's Incubator and Policy Clinic (BLIP) hosted its first "Legal Hackathon." Describing lawyers as "traditionally conservative wallflowers and naysayers," Jonathan Askin, the founder of the BLIP Clinic, urged the crowd of lawyers, law students, coders, and entrepreneurs to join a "common mission to apply the law to pave the way for technological, civic, social, and cultural progress."

Designer Jessica Hische Procrastinates Her Way to Success

Letterer, illustrator, crazy cat lady, secret web designer. That’s how design it-girl Jessica Hische described herself at FontShop’s TYPO International Design conference at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco on Friday, April 6. We saw evidence of each aspect of her self-description during the talk — except the crazy cat lady part, which we’ll have to take her word for.



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