Is The Sharing Economy Safe for Women?

As the sharing economy grows, we must increase our awareness of how different populations interact with this burgeoning economy. Women, taken as a whole, are likely to use and experience sharing services differently than men, given the unique economic and safety issues they face. For many women, the risks are much different than they are for men.

Civics, Sweat, and Open Data: A Recipe for the Future of Government

Our democratic system is based on the idea that citizens play an important role in how government decisions get made.

Without citizen participation, democracy doesn’t work. Our founding fathers were meticulously clear on this point. We must all share in the effort of making sure government works as we want it to, and assume the responsibility of taking action when it doesn’t.

The famous patriot and founding father Thomas Paine once famously said:

How Big Tech is Sharing for Social Good

Working at a business incubator in San Francisco, I see incredible social innovations springing up from nonprofits, start-ups, and small businesses everyday. But the truth is, the big guys down the road in Silicon Valley are setting a fierce pace by sharing their core technology, for social good.

Here’s what they’re doing to lead the field and how your social enterprise can benefit.

Cheaper Philanthropy?

10 Festivals that Can Change Your Life

Next time you’re at a festival, take a look around and know that you are part of something ancient. Whether swaying to music in a sea of dancing bodies, riding camels in India, wearing a loincloth in Japan or shooting strangers with squirt guns full of wine in Spain, participation in festivals has long been a part of the human experience.

Abandoned Walmart Recycled As Public Library

The news that a city will be getting a new Walmart often evokes a mixture of dread, anger, and apathy from its residents.

The global giant has captured a huge portion of the discount retail market share, claiming it helps people "live better" thanks to absurdly low prices. Of course, Walmart's low prices are only possible because of low standards of living, low wages paid to those in its supply chain, and low levels of concern for it own employees, but I digress.

A Bicycle Nomad Prepares for Re-Entry

I was gone for almost a year, all told. I was on a bike, in a tent, most of that year. Before leaving, I had tucked into the deepest corner of my back pannier my house keys, small jangling embodiments of a fact that served as both security blanket and threat throughout my 3,500 mile bike ride: eventually, I would go back home.



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