What If Money Was No Object [Video]

What would you do with your life if money was no object? It's a question that calls for deep reflection: Why am I here? What do I most enjoy doing? When you take money out of the equation, the question becomes, who are you at your core?

The Park in My Neighborhood

by Nidhi Gulati and Scott Shafer

Since ancient times, parks have been places where people gather for a great variety of reasons, and are iconic elements in the development of signature cities. Parks and playgrounds also make a significant appearance on the list of places that people have fond memories: places where they first met an old friend, played a legendary game of catch, played a prank on someone, fell in love, and the list goes on.

Print Your Own Money

The economy is big news, and a big worry. But there are as many economies as we need. There are global, national, regional, and neighborhood economies. There are economies for greed, destruction, and exploitation, as well as for generosity, creativity, and love. And there are as many types of money as we need to operate these economies.

As the gift economies spread beyond villages to large regions, money was invented to make sharing easier. So, taking control of money again to make it serve communities, begins at home.

College Move Out: What to Do with All That Perfectly Good Stuff

For college students, the end of the school year is near. Finals are being crammed for, summer adventures are being planned, job prospects are being explored and move-out plans are being made. But, over the course of a year, in addition to collecting knowledge and memories, students have also accumulated a lot of stuff; stuff that many of them won’t take with them.

Survey Finds that Disownership is the New Normal

As the sharing economy continues to grow, the stereotype of who is participating in it is shifting. A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of solar power company Sunrun found that, far from being limited to young people in urban centers and coastal cities, there is a nationwide trend toward “disownership” that crosses age, geographic and cultural boundaries.

Shareable's Best Alternative Vacation Ideas

Tired of the same old beaches? Do you want to have fruitful summer vacation with purpose? Consider exploring the world of sharing and make an impact while you travel. Learn about worker cooperatives, intentional communities and sustainable living. Vacation on a shoestring and develop relationships by volunteering your skills in trade for food, board and having a truly integrative experience.

Is Living in Your Car a Viable Way to Save Money?

While moving into one's vehicle may seem like the ultimate defeat—a nightmare-turned-reality by an eviction notice or a lay-off—a seemingly growing number of employed independents are ignoring the stigma that shrouds car living, and embracing it as a viable, and perfectly happy lifestyle.

Could the degenerate connotations that surround living in a van down by the river be rapidly changing?

How to start a Repair Café

If you've ever found yourself on the phone with a customer service representative telling you it would cost more to fix your electric tea kettle than to just buy a new one, you are well acquainted with the concept of "planned obsolescence." The good news is that people across the world are getting wise to the intentional design flaws hoisted upon us by clever manufacturers eager to sell more products, and they are coming up with new and creative ways to salvage perfectly usable things.



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