Make Your Holiday a Shared Affair

For many, the holidays could be more accurately described as hassledays. People complain of busy schedules and frazzled nerves. We often speed up rather than slow down and end up feeling more isolated and stressed out, buried under shopping and wrapping and planning. And buried under stuff.

But the notion of winter feasting and festival in the popular imagination remains that of goodwill, good spirits and a good time had by all. So, how do we make it more like that?

How to Design a Workspace for Sharing

Q: How can I give my employees greater choice at work regarding the overall workspace environment?

A: Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Menlo Innovations applies "High-Tech Anthropology" to help its clients fully understand and solve their business problems and opportunities by developing software or training its clients to develop the software themselves.

How to Teach Your Kid to Share

Sure, sharing is caring. Sure, you've carpet-bombed your kid's brain for years with messages about the joys of toy-sharing.

But what do you share? Seriously, dads and moms: How often do you share what you have in your daily life?

Maybe you do it all the time, but I have to make myself share. I'll tell you a secret: Editing a site called does not come naturally to me, and I'm often uncomfortable when I have to describe our mission to strangers.

Play Sketch

In this video, artists Mike Perry and Jim Stoten collaborate on the illustration that accompanies a piece on the future of playground design in this month's issue of Dwell

Triumph of the Commons

The biggest roadblock standing in the way of many people’s recognition of the importance of a sharing society came tumbling down when Indiana University professor Elinor Ostrom won the Nobel Prize for Economics. She accepts the award today in Stockholm, the first woman ever to win the prize.

How to Throw a Toy Exchange

We cleared out our daughter's room this past fall to honor her request that we paint her walls pink—and in the process uncovered about four bags of barely used toys, outgrown clothes, and books that weren't on anyone's favorite list.

We dutifully carted everything off to the thrift store, but it left me wondering how much my son might have waiting to give away in his room, not to mention what might be lurking in the basement.

How to Make a Street Carfree

Maybe you’re longing to see the streets of your city free of cars, but you’re waiting for the mayor to declare a carfree day. Or maybe you’ve thought about eliminating the car traffic from your favorite intersection by having a Reclaim the Streets party.

But maybe you, like me, live in a place where automobile right-of-way is so sacred that any unauthorized blocking of traffic is likely to result in an attack from riot cops with all the trimmings, like pepper spray, verbal abuse, bruised limbs, arrest and hefty fines.



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