The Atmospheric Commons & Climate Debt

This interview with Angelica Navarro (starts at 46:00), Bolivia's chief climate negotiator, shows in poignant fashion the rift between developed and developing nations over climate change.

For some, this rift is old news. While I had a sense of this rift, the video offered me a new perspective and I had the following reactions:

No Island is an Island

Treasure Island, which sits in between San Francisco and Oakland, has been virtually abandoned since the Navy shut down its base in 1997. 

That's about to change. This week the Navy finally announced that it would sell the island to the city of San Francisco (price tag: $105 million), which plans to turn it into a model of shareable, sustainable development.

Where We Read

This is a fantastic idea: Urban Reading asks you "to use your mobile phones to take a photo of your reading environment."

You then "email the photo with what you are reading, the location, and your name to:" The homepage shows a Google map of the US with reading locations marked--you can then zero in anywhere. Examples:

Animation of the Street Map Data Commons

OpenStreetMap is an open data project that's peer producing an editable map of the world's streets. Anyone can contribute data and use the data under a Creative Commons license. There all kinds of possible uses of the data for the common good - resource mapping, disaster response, transit optimization, and as the basis for new low cost commercial services. The below is an animation of data submissions during 2008:

How to Foster Passion on the Job

Q: What’s a good way to acknowledge the individual interests of my employees while continuing to move us forward on our collective goals as an organization?

A: I Love Rewards is a web-based business centered on increasing employee motivation and driving performance, "thus resulting in a win-win situation for employers and employees."

"Be Like a Piazza"

It's still early on a cold March morning that threatens rain, yet Rome's Piazza Navona teems with life. Young men deliver boxfuls of wine, vegetables, San Pellegrino and other provisions to cafes that ring this famous square, as groggy cooks throw back their first espresso of the day. Early-bird tourists, pointing cameras in every direction, document the square and its famous fountain for folks back home.

How to Stop Foreclosure through Homesharing

Q: What Are Ways that Sharing Home Ownership Can Help Avert Foreclosures?

A: Sharing is one solution to an unforgiving housing crisis, and it may even be a trend. In the past, refinancing or drawing from home equity helped families ride out the financial uncertainty that accompanies a job loss, a divorce, disability, a death in the family, or some other change.



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