How Nonprofits Can Share Down Their Costs (Part I)

Q: What are ways that nonprofit organizations can benefit from sharing… without losing autonomy?

Recently, I picked up a flyer for a theater company requesting a unique kind of donation: storage space. The theater sought homeowners in a densely populated area of San Francisco (where storage space costs a pretty penny), and asked people to lend their closet or garage space for storage of costumes, sets, and props.

Big Love's Curiously Communal Appeal

When Big Love premiered on HBO three seasons ago, many critics found it hard to believe that a show about polygamy could avoid the sensationalism and prurience often associated with discussions of Mormon fundamentalism, but that’s what the creators promised.

MIT Reinvents the Wheel

The conventional wisdom is that you shouldn't reinvent the wheel. Leave it to MIT to do just that, and make it worthwhile. MIT's SENSABLE City Lab unvieled their Copenhagen Wheel at COP15 last month to great fanfare. And for good reason. The rear bicycle wheel can turn your ride into an electric hybrid powered by regenerative braking, and with the use of a smartphone, a personal trainer and trip information assistant. 



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