Manhattan Foodprint

"What would it take to grow all the food needed for all Manhattanites – on Manhattan Island?" This video drives home the ecological impact of our current food production and consumption patterns – but then goes beyond that, to present a truly shareable alternative. From the Why Factory:

How much food do I consume? How much land is needed to grow it? Could we grow our food in the city? Could we feed all Manhattanites by growing food on Manhattan island?

Happy Together?

Los Angeles is known for sprawl and the attending ills of traffic, pollution, and disconnect. Our horizontal growth shows on the horizon. But there are pockets of people rethinking the way the city is structured and choosing to live in closer quarters, sometimes much closer quarters—in cohousing communities.

Crowdfunded Filmmaking

The Biracy Project is "a social experiment in crowdfunded filmmaking." Like Hollywood studios, "we bring together brilliant people to make top-quality movies. Unlike studios, we’re run by fans, not a handful of executives." Key to their strategy: Turning pirates into buyers. It's a fascinating idea, and here's the (somewhat oddly paced) video explaining what they're all about:



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