Imagining Streets Without Cars

"I thought you might get a kick out of a photo side project I've been working on called Narrow Streets: Los Angeles, where I head out to locations in LA (some requested by readers), snap pix of streets, and then narrow them down in Photoshop," writes reader David Yoon. So here's Echo Park on an ordinary day:

David writes:

The Atomized Library

California College of the Arts students Duncan Young and Brett Walters produced a project they call "The Atomized Library." Geoff at Bldg Blog reports:

The basic idea was to scatter smaller information spaces throughout the city: buildings, kiosks, cafes, computer labs, public-access WiFi envelopes, media production centers, "teen spaces," public meeting rooms, and more.

Government 2.0 and Motivation

During my bachelor’s, I formed an organization based on the idea that undergrads could successfully do research in a laboratory. The result was a volunteer group of motivated, loyal individuals who independently researched their own projects and produced great results.

Since then, I have had limited success with similar attempts. I decided to figure out what it was that made the first organization succeed while others failed. The fundamental problem was motivation of the recruits.

Mixed Dominance

My five-year-old son Liko has one developmental issue. It's usually called mixed dominance, but you can also call it cross-dominance, mixed-handedness, mixed laterality, or hand-confusion--genuine ambidexterity is a rare manifestation of mixed dominance. In Liko's case, this means, for example, that he tends to eat with his right hand but draw with his left.

Is this truly an issue? He may very well be ambidextrous; he may gradually end up favoring one hand. We're seeing an occupational therapist to sort it out, but I'm not terrifically worried.

Sharing Stories in East Oakland

How can public art strengthen community as well as beautify the environment? “Our Oakland : Eastside Stories,” a new public art project by Bay Area artist Rene Yung, aims to do just that.

Designed for the new East Oakland Community Library, in addition to architectural artwork, “Our Oakland” features a social media website and community-building program to tell “the other story” of East Oakland: the assets and rich heritage in the community.

New Study: Bonobos Share Like Humans

From today's ScienceDaily:

New research suggests that the act of voluntarily sharing something with another may not be entirely exclusive to the human experience. A study published in the March 9th issue of Current Biology, observed that bonobos -- a sister species of chimpanzees and, like chimps, our closest living relatives -- consistently chose to actively share their food with others.



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