Will You Be Our 100th Donor?

We received the 99th donation to our crowdfunding campaign this week. What an amazing show of support. Thank you. Every single day we strive to bring you stories of people-powered solutions to key challenges in the world, ranging from the housing crisis and income inequality to environmental injustice and food insecurity. Our latest book, "Sharing Cities: Activating the Urban Commons," documents these solutions and gives a framework for cities and communities seeking to address critical socio-economic and environmental issues. We're very proud of this work, but we're not done yet. In 2018, we want to go further. We plan to:

  • Host a distributed, community-driven, global "Sharing Cities" book tour

  • Deepen our reporting in marginalized, overlooked communities

  • Double the number of people we engage through our reporting

To do all this and more, we need to hit our target of raising $100,000 in the next 30 days. Will you become our 100th donor and help us get there? By making a tax-deductible donation to our campaign, you'll help ensure that our solutions-based storytelling empowers thousands more around the globe. When you make a donation, you'll not only receive a copy of our latest book, but a host of other great thank you gifts.

Together, we can create a world that's based on true sharing.