Toronto, ON, Canada

Swap City

We're a city-wide network that contributes to a more shareable, sustainable and livable Toronto. We’re already sharing our homes (Airbnb), our stuff (Swapsity), our workspaces (Centre for Social Innovation), our cars (AutoShare) and much more. Join us and learn about access over ownership and a lifestyle of sharing time, things, space and resources.

Please contact us if you would like to be more involved in our sharing network in Toronto.



Our first ever ShareFestTO brought together over 25 sharing organizations in Toronto showcasing their work to hundreds of avid sharers and enthusiasts.

Anyone interested in the sharing economy is welcome -- entrepreneurs, those working for collaborative consumption organizations, users and early adopters. 

Submit an idea to activate more sharing in Toronto.


Find local resources, events and news

There are so many great sharing projects in Toronto, and it's continuing to grow. Please join us! 

Toronto Sharing City Map

April 2018

April 13 (All day) to April 15 (All day)
Delta Toronto Hotel, Toronto, Canada
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