Mission, Values & Diversity Principles


Shareable is a nonprofit media outlet and action network that empowers people to share for a more resilient, equitable, and joyful world. We inspire social change by publishing stories, analysis, and tools in collaboration with our global partners.


The Commons: Ensuring everyone can access and steward the commons, the source of our prosperity, well-being, and resilience.

Sharing: We’re passionate about the transformative power of sharing which brings joy, increases productivity, builds community, distributes wealth equitably, and reduces environmental impact.

Inspiration: The best stories, case studies, and role models inspire positive change.

Action: We learn by doing, lead by example, and advance new leaders in the sharing community.

Community: We are empowered by our commitment to our values, each other, and our community.

Diversity: Including diverse players, perspectives, and practices supports better outcomes.

Collaboration: Achieving our goals is best accomplished by working well with others.

Fun: The best solutions are so much fun that we can’t resist them.

Diversity Principles:

1. First and foremost, our coverage communicates strongly that we’re all in it together and that we believe in a broad agenda for the common good. We seize the opportunity to weave a rich, multicolored tapestry of sharing solutions that reflects and is inviting to every person no matter their race, gender, geography, class, religion, ability, or ideology.

2. We focus our editorial agenda on our readers’ most common and essential needs and opportunities, such as housing, food, transportation, jobs, and information access.

3. Our work focuses on common good, sharing solutions while acknowledging the broader social and historical context about inequities and obstacles based on race, religion, gender, and sexuality.

4. We develop empathy among ourselves as well as in our coverage and readership. We listen to and make a sincere effort to understand and respect various communities’ perspectives.

5. We make a continual effort to build a diverse team of board members, staff, contributors, sources, readers, and projects.

6. We seek out examples of people sharing across race, class, and gender lines. We aim to reduce prejudice by showing different groups working together. We make use of research to understand and combat these issues. When available, we use data to explain and address the scope of the problem.

7. We take care to present sharing as a nonpartisan, common good-oriented solution appropriate for all people, organizations, and communities.

8. We tell stories about people sharing in diverse communities in the U.S. and abroad, including those under-represented in the media that share mainly with their own members. We acknowledge the varied origins and deep history of sharing across the planet.

9. We use language that is clear, accessible, and respectful to readers on all points of the ideological spectrum. We avoid using divisive, ideologically loaded, and elitist jargon. We develop our own critical thinking to discuss diversity as a vital part of sharing solutions.

10. We recognize that the struggles of people from low and middle-income groups are converging in many places. We seek stories that highlight how they’re using sharing to meet their needs.