Shareable loves a creative solution… especially when it comes with instructions! So, from the maker of the Free Things Box, Berto Aussems, comes another cool project: a bike-portable rolling cart. With collapsable legs/wheels, the lightweight yet sturdy cart fits on a standard bike rack and then rolls right into the store or laundromat (and house!). Aussems notes, "The wheels can be folded down to use the cart at standing height. Besides a shopping cart, it can also be used as a child stroller with room to store things. No modification at the bike is necessary to use this cart in a simple and versatile way."

A moderately skilled DIY-er with the right tools could easily follow the instructions laid out by Aussems using easy-to-find or — even better — repurposed materials. One thing, in particular, to note is that the width of the bike rack is different at the top than at the bottome where it attaches to the frame. For this reason, the dimensions of the cart need to be based on the lower width.

According to Aussems, "The folding system of the legs was the most time-consuming part. The legs are standing slightly forward and backward in order increase the stability. I made strips on the box to fix the castors in the high position, to keep them flat against the box. … All in all, it was a challenge to find a new way to shop without using my car."

We're so glad Berto accepted that challenge and shared his solution!

Kelly McCartney


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