Urban Heat Resilience: Governing An Invisible Hazard with Sara Meerow - Shareable

Urban Heat Resilience: Governing An Invisible Hazard with Sara Meerow



Feb 09, 2022 - Feb 09, 2022


🌡️Extreme heat is already the deadliest climate and weather-related hazard in the United States and cities are getting hotter because of climate change and the urban heat island effect.
Communities everywhere need to proactively address inequitable heat risks, but compared with other more visible hazards like flooding, heat governance is underdeveloped.
In this talk, Sara Meerow will synthesize the current state of extreme heat governance research and practice and outline a framework for urban heat resilience.

This discussion is a part of Cities@Tufts' Spring 2022 Colloquium series. Shareable is partnering with Tufts University on this ongoing lecture series hosted by professor Julian Agyeman (co-chair of Shareable’s governing board) and Cities@Tufts. The series explores equity and diversity in urban planning and design and is made possible with support from The Kresge Foundation, Barr Foundation, Shift Foundation, and Shareable Donors.
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