The Open Co-op Meetup - London - Shareable

The Open Co-op Meetup – London


Newspeak House, 133 Bethnal Green Road


Sep 28, 2022 - Sep 28, 2022

07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

UTC/GMT +01:00 - Europe/London


Join us for a long overdue catchup about co-ownership, platform co-ops, open source and regenerative economic protocols, over a cup of tea

About this event

The Open Co-op is a collaborative collective of coders, commoners, architects, artists, engineers, ecologists and systems changers. Together, we are building the tools, technologies and protocols of a collaborative, regenerative economy.

We promote co-ownership, platform co-ops, open source and regenerative economics.

Join members of the London community for a long overdue catchup over a cup of tea at Newspeak House on Wednesday 28th September.

We’ve had our heads down for a while and have been busy:

  • Developing an updated version of Murmurations - the decentralised data sharing protocol - see the Regen map as a demo
  • Launching Open Web Systems, to provide open source email and Nextcloud powered by renewable energy
  • Collaborating with - to promote open source conferencing tools
  • Launching Co-op Data Club - to help co-ops promote each other
  • And developing an updated version of PLANET, our vision for a suite of open source tools to help us steward a regenerative economy.

But all this working online gets tiring and, like most people, we miss the fun, laughter and inspiration which comes from face-to-face interaction.

So, the OPEN Meetup is simply a chance to share and hear news about everyone’s projects and to catch up with old and new friends and connections, without any specific agenda or expectations.

We will run the event as an open space so that everyone has a chance to share news about their projects with one main group or in separate discussions, depending on how many people attend and want to present.

If you are working on, or interested in developing, any part of the regenerative economy and / or have an interest in how co-owned and decentralised tools and technologies can support the transition to a more equitable society then this event is for you.

If the event goes well we will organise further Meetups, in conjunction with other related networks and communities to further discussions, create more connections and to encourage meaningful action which helps create the regenerative economy we all want.

Save the date, tell your friends and networks, bring your news and be ready to share.

If you’d like a drink other than tea please bring that too - and some to share!

We look forward to seeing you at Newspeak on Wednesday the 28th September.