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The Co-Cities Project with Sheila Foster


Online Event


Apr 07, 2021 - Apr 07, 2021

12:00 PM

UTC/GMT -05:00 - America/New_York


About the presentation: Professor Foster will discuss her forthcoming book "Co-Cities," based in part on a survey of public policies and projects in cities around the world as part of a decade-long investigation into the ways that urban commons—collectively shared and collaboratively stewarded resources—can be created and sustained in different political, social, and economic environments. The Co-Cities project offers a set of “design principles” that can help position cities and city space as a “commons”—a shared infrastructure on which a variety of urban actors can collaborate and where various initiatives of collective action can emerge, flourish, and become sustainable.

About the speaker: Sheila R. Foster is the Scott K. Ginsburg Professor of Urban Law and Policy at Georgetown University. She holds a joint appointment with the Law School and the McCourt School of Public Policy. Prior to teaching at Georgetown, Professor Foster taught at Fordham University where she co-directed the Fordham Urban Law Center and was a founder of the Fordham University Urban Consortium.

Professor Foster’s work focuses on the intersection of law, policy, and governance with a specific focus on urban communities and cities. She is one of the leading scholars on environmental justice and is the co-author of one of the field’s seminal books, "From the Ground Up: Environmental Racism and the Rise of the Environmental Justice Movement" (NYU Press). Her work in that field was recently recognized by the IUCN Academy of Environmental Law’s 2018 Senior Scholarship Award. Her other work is published in top law journals including Yale, Berkeley, Harvard, and Notre Dame, among others.  Her most recent work explores local development and urban governance through the lens of the “commons” as set forth in her article The City as a Commons, Yale Law and Policy Review (2016) and her forthcoming MIT Press Book, Co-Cities (both with C. Iaione). She is also co-editor (with C. Swiney) of the forthcoming Cambridge Handbook on Innovations in Commons Scholarship  (Cambridge University Press).

Foster has applied her framework of the city as a commons through LabGov, an international applied research project that she co-directs with Christian Iaione. LabGov works directly with local governments and local communities on experimental projects and policies that enable city residents to co-create and steward land, digital, and other resources within their communities. Past and present LabGov projects include working in Bologna, Rome, Amsterdam, Harlem/NYC, San Jose Costa Rica, Sao Paolo, and Baton Rouge.

Foster has been at the forefront of other urban policy and governance innovations, serving as the chair of the Global Parliament of Mayors advisory committee, a member of the New York City’s Mayors Panel on Climate Change, and an advisory board member of the Marron Institute for Urban Management at NYU.


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