Bay Area Green Tours: Solutionaries Speak with Della Z Duncan - Shareable

Bay Area Green Tours: Solutionaries Speak with Della Z Duncan




Jan 14, 2021 - Jan 14, 2021

12:00 PM


Kick-off the New Year by joining the conversation with Solutionary Della Z Duncan who will discuss how you can create economic system change at the local level based on Regenerative Economics and the Gross National Happiness movement. This Solutionaries Speak will cover regenerative and sustainable practices relating to:

  • How you can co-create and support regenerative economies in our lives and communities
  • How you can make economic decisions that come from a combined commitment to the health of our planet and our social needs, that support all living beings
  • How you can sift local policy through the Gross National Happiness movement
SPEAKER Della Z Duncan is a Regenerative Economist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She hosts the Upstream Podcast sharing radical ideas and inspiring stories to encourage a just transition to a more sustainable and equitable world. She also offers donation-based - “Right Livelihood coaching" that is intended to support better alignment of work and values. She integrates ecological, horizontal economic structure, and ethical principles in organizations and community groups as a consultant. She facilitates workshops, retreats, and courses around the world in Buddhist Economics, Cultivating Right Livelihood, Financial Permaculture, and the Work that Reconnects. Why Della is a Solutionary? The work of creating a more just economic system accessible to all, and striving to teach the broader public about the difference between a healthy society vs. a wealthy society is one aspect of why Della is a Solutionary. Through her practice, she shows groups and individuals new possibilities of how to live sustainably and equitably in a way that may have never even occurred to them before. She shares possibilities and helps discover truly satisfying ways to live and work that enriches everyone, not just the top 20% of the population. Bay Area Green Tours (BAGT) ​ Our mission is to create interactive tours and experiences highlighting the sustainable economy in action, to inspire and educate youth and adults to build a more enduring, resilient, and just future. In case you can't make it, registering will give you access to the beginning portion of the conversation (without live Q&A) via the recording of this Solutionaries Speak event! Solutionaries Speak is a unique opportunity for participants to hear directly from environmental and social justice leaders about regeneration in action. Hear about strategies and practices we can implement and advocate for in order to build a more resilient economy and vibrant future. Join the discussion with cutting edge thought leaders sharing their knowledge, experience, and passion. All proceeds from event donations support our BAGT programs, including this series and our Virtual Green Tours. NOTE: This is an internal online event that will be broadcast live. Registration gives you audience access (via an emailed event link) to watch the discussion live and participate in the live Q&A with the speaker.