Join Us In Building the Sharing Cities Network

UPDATE February 1, 2014: The Sharing Cities Network crowdfunder has ended. Thank you to the 350+ donors that put us over the top past our goal! While the crowdfunder is over, we still invite you to share a donation to support Shareable's work.

Hey Shareable reader!

This is your invitation to be part of something big. It’s a plan to change the world together -- while having a damn good time -- and we want you to be part of it! With your help, we're going to start 100 local sharing movements for 100 sharing cities.

What's a sharing city you ask?

Imagine a city where everyone’s needs are met because people make the personal choice to share. Where everyone can create meaningful livelihoods. Where fresh, local food is available to all. Where affordable housing and shared transportation are abundant. Where the people decide how the city budget is spent. Where the people own the utilities and the banks, and even create their own currencies. Imagine a city where the more we share, the more we have.

That’s a sharing city.

Our dream is that everyone gets to live in such a place. While ambitious, we know it’s possible because everything that's imagined above already exists. What’s missing is that there’s no single city where all these models have been brought together.

That’s why we’re asking for your support to build the Sharing Cities Network.

What is the Sharing Cities Network?

The Sharing Cities Network will be a grassroots network for sharing innovators to discover together how to create as many sharing cities around the world as fast as possible. The network will knit together a community of local sharing movements.

Participants will be readers like you – people just getting started with sharing, as well as those founding, leading, and participating in sharing projects. These projects include coworking spaces, sharing startups, cooperatives, credit unions, tool libraries, hackerspaces, seed banks, community gardens, farmers markets, bike kitchens, and much more. Participants will share a deep desire to turn their city into a sharing city and will collaborate with others in the network to turn that dream into reality.

Shareable will facilitate the Sharing Cities Network and help set up infrastructure, but in order to succeed it will operate as an independent network – with a decentralized structure, shared leadership, and multiple communication platforms – and will rely on its members to take action in their cities. Shareable will amplify the creative actions that network members take so that others can re-mix, adapt, and reuse those ideas in their own cities.

The Sharing Cities Network will scale up and replicate successful sharing models by:

  • increasing collaboration between sharing projects
  • spreading best practices among members
  • catalyzing new sharing projects
  • ultimately, creating complete sharing cities.

To accomplish this our initial plans are to:

  • host peer learning through online classes and forums
  • help you create local sharing actions, such as share fests, gift circles, and skillshares
  • facilitate network-wide projects and campaigns
  • assist you with getting sharing-friendly policies in your city.

This is a collective effort that will be informed by swarm organizing as pioneered by the Pirate Party, so these plans will evolve as we learn together as a network.

What will your contribution be used for?

We’ve set a $50,000 goal so that we can catalyze 100 Sharing Cities in the network in 2014. With your support we can make it a reality.

Your contribution will support dedicated organizing staff, and will cover expenses that we anticipate for new staff, infrastructure, and events.

If we exceed the $50,000 goal, we will be able to use that money to:

  • expand the number of cities in the network
  • develop more how-to guides, tools, and resources for the network
  • offer catalyst grants to members for more local sharing projects and events
  • increase our coverage of sharing innovators in cities.

Now is the time to build on growing momentum

Since our founding in 2009, Shareable has been writing about the many kinds of inspiring, world-changing sharing projects that creative people like you are building in cities around the world. These kinds of sharing projects enrich local communities and economies, protect the planet, keep money in our wallets, and can even increase the meaning, purpose, and fun we have in our lives. Many of these sharing innovations have been growing quickly. It’s thrilling to see these bright lights of the new economy ripple across the otherwise bleak global economic landscape.

Just last month we put out a call for readers like you to host Map Jams, and we were blown away by the response. We expected a handful of events, but instead participants in over 50 cities came together, face-to-face, to map the sharing economy in their cities. And as we’ve talked with allies about crowdfunding the Sharing Cities Network, we’ve seen a deep, passionate interest in making this happen.

With your support, we can amplify this momentum and together create sharing cities.

And it gets better, your support TODAY will help us secure a $25,000 matching grant.

Generous organizations have already stepped up to back the Sharing Cities Network. The Freelancers Union gave $5,000 even before this crowdfunding campaign went live.

The SHIFT foundation, one of Shareable’s long-time funders, has pledged a $25,000 match if we make the $50,000 goal. Every dollar you contribute will get us closer to receiving this matching grant.

Please, join us today! Contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, participate in the network, and share this with your friends.

Thank you for your support,
Neal, Mira, Seth, Cat, and the rest of the Shareable team


P.S. Shareable is not-for-profit. Shareable is a fiscally-sponsored project of Tides Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.


Have a question? Ask a Question and we'll post answers here in the FAQ.

Where will my name be listed as a contributor?
We're posting all campaign contributors (who haven't requested to be anonymous) on this contributors page. We'll be updating the list regularly, although it may take a few days for your name to appear.

How do I donate by check or wire transfer? 
Here are instructions if you prefer to pay by check or wire transfer

I can't complete my donation because the form will not take non-US phone numbers. What do you recommend?
If you have a problem entering your phone number you can use this fake phone number: 222-333-4444

Can my city be a part of the network of 100 Sharing Cities?
Any city anywhere in the world that wants to can participate. Please contact if you would like your city to be part of the Sharing Cities Network.

How can I participate other than making a donation?
You can organize your own city or volunteer with the Sharing Cities Network. Please email to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

What's the plan for the network?
We are in the process of engaging local organizers and partners to refine the initial plan collaboratively. Really engaging grassroots participation takes time but will create a bottom-up plan that best serves local groups. To share your ideas for the network, contact or fill out the survey.

Why is the deadline January 31st?
The deadline was originally January 15th, to meet a $25,000 matching grant from the SHIFT foundation, one of Shareable’s long-time funders. With momentum building and the deadline days away, SHIFT offered to extend the deadline to January 31 to make sure we meet the goal. We accepted. In order to reach the goal, we've regrouped and have a plan to succeed by the new deadline. There will be no more extensions beyond January 31; while we're already building the Sharing Cities Network, we have to turn our full attention to it at the end of the month. If you haven't given yet, now is the time to jump in with a donation that will have a greater chance of being matched. If you have, thank you, and please take this opportunity to ask your friends to give too.