Vienna, Austria

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Vienna is a vibrant city with many collaborative initiatives and ventures. They do not yet have conciousness about the field of collaborative economy that is unveiling. The aim of this Initiative (in Collaboration with Ouishare) is to get a shared understanding of what is organically developing, and find ideas to foster it to thrive even further. "Zukunftsbibliothek Wien" the Future Library Vienna is a very young example of this movement. Well established are the facebook-group "share & care" where 1000s of people share ressources the do not need. Give Away Shops, and parties, clothes swapping parties, a shared bike system, a lending-shop that is currently emerging, food cooperatives, community gardens, there is lots going on. Got questions? Contact Josef Kreitmayer.


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Who wants to form this group?
I am totally in for it. Contact me, and let´s get it going.
With "Leila" Leiladen and Ouishare we will have a kickoff event in Mai 2014. Looking forward to meet you there, or meet you before, contributing to getting it going! Email me, Josef Kreitmayer