Portland, OR, USA

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Portland is proud to be an inaugural member of the Sharing Cities Network. Portland is a major hub for sharing in the pacific Northwest with bike sharing, yard sharing, seed sharing, multiple tool libraries and even two kitchen libraries. 

You can view a list of sharing resources on the map in the Community tab below, learn about news and sharing events in Portland, and all the amazing organizations that make Portland a city of sharers.

Share Portland is planning a sharefest and skillshare for July of 2014. A skillshare is a day of classes, taught and organized by your neighbors.

It’s a way to learn new skills, pick up a hobby, and meet other people with similar interests, all in a fun and informal setting.

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Share Portland aims to share resources, network and influence public policy to strengthen this movement through collaboration.

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Portland is home a huge number of sharing organizations, services and resources.

Please be sure to check out Share Portland and other organizations listed on the Map below.