Istanbul, Turkey

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Motto : We have more when we share.
We are bringing together the individual and small-community-based efforts in Istanbul/Turkey to
a) create the awareness on the sharing economy
b) to promote a sharing culture
c) to support the sharing initiatives (both profit and non-profit)

In our journey to create and increase the Sharing Economy/Collaborative Consumption awareness in Turkey, we have achieved our first milestone of a big event with 15 initiatives/start-ups and 170 'sharers'. 

15 awesome initiatives from ride-sharing ( to library of stuff (, from an innovative idea on booksharing ( to sharing food with university students (, from crowd-funding ( and to clothes-swapping ( shared their experience and learnings. The very courageous Ruzgar, who is planning to road-trip Europe in 11 months only by sharing and borrowing stuff impressed us with his vision, plans and enthusiasm. We have also been delighted to host Dalma Berkovics from OuiShare, enlightening us with how fast the Collaborative Economy is growing in Eastern Europe and how EE and Turkey can build on the synergies for a more collaborative world. 


Learn more about the Istanbul sharing community here!

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The sharing community in Istanbul is growing everyday with more coming soon!

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