Elora, ON, Canada

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Elora, Ontario is a small rural community that makes up part of Centre Wellington Township, the township consists of several small communities all very unique. Sharing Elora is a community movement that focuses on building resilient communities through the sharing of resources, the co-ownership of public space and the infusion of creativity into our everyday lives. Our goal is to strengthen the sense of community and interconnectedness between citizens of Centre Wellington through creative projects and initiatives that combine the ideals of the sharing economy with citizen interaction.

Elora Community Share is based on a very simple concept; people don't need to own everything, they just need access to what others already own. We connect people together to facilitate this access and sharing of stuff. To use the group all you need to know is what you need or what you are willing to share. This initiative is based on trust and a willingness to open yourself up to new people and experiences. How much or how little you interact with this program is completely up to you! Becoming a member of Elora Community Share couldn't be easier, you can either join our Facebook group or contact us through e-mail. Contact us with your needs or shares and we will make sure you are connected to our wider group of members. Another great way to become more involved without Facebook will be to join in our offline projects.


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Maddy Smith started Elora Community Share at the age of twenty-two while a student at Trent University. She was born and raised in Fergus, but currently calls Elora home. Elora Community Share was born out of her need for a bicycle tire pump. It has now grown into its own entity that she merely watches. Through the creation of the group she has been able to meet members of her community, make new connections and new friends. She hopes you are able to do the same. One of her goals is to turn this wonderful online community into one that also exists in the real world. Hopefully this can be achieved through offline events where members can socialize with each other face to face.