Cleveland, OH, USA

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Cleveland is a city with vast potential for the solidarity economy to take root. There are a number of initiatives already taking place with many more being co-developed across a number of sectors. We hope to use this platform to continue the promotion of these initiatives, gain national insight, and support for our efforts!


Learn more about the Cleveland sharing community right here!

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The sharing community in Cleveland is growing everyday with more coming soon! Click this link to connect with the OMG!! Co-ops/Collectives in Cleveland / Cleveland TimeBank / Cleveland Seed Bank and learn about sharing in Cleveland. More resources are coming!

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Evergreen Cooperatives
"The Evergreen Cooperatives of Cleveland, Ohio are pioneering innovative models of job creation, wealth building, and sustainability. Evergreen’s employee-owned, for-profit companies are based locally and hire locally. They create meaningful green jobs and keep precious financial resources within the Greater University Circle neighborhoods. Worker-owners at Evergreen earn a living wage and build equity in the firms as owners of the business."

The Democracy Collaborative
The Democracy Collaborative was established in 2000 to advance a new understanding of democracy for the 21st century and to promote new strategies and innovations in community development that enhance democratic life.
Our goal is to change the prevailing paradigm of community economic development–and of the economy as a whole—in the United States toward a new emphasis and system based on:

Broadening ownership and stewardship over capital
Democracy at the workplace
Stabilizing community and emphasizing locality
Equitable and inclusive growth
Environmental, social, and institutional sustainability

The Collaborative is a national leader in the field of community development through our Community Wealth Building Initiative. The Initiative sustains a wide range of projects involving research, training, policy development, and community-focused work designed to promote an asset-based paradigm and increase support for the field across-the-board.

Rust Belt Riders Composting
We are a fee for service waste removal program available to Cleveland residents. We provide an easy way for your home to reduce its carbon footprint while supporting the ongoing efforts of community gardens in your neighborhood.

Northcoast Courier
Northcoast Courier is a fast and reliable delivery service for downtown and the near West side. We are the only all bike courier service in the city that can deliver anything you want. Whether it's groceries from the market or anything else you might need. We can bring it to you.

Ohio City Bike Co-op
The OCBC is a non-profit, volunteer-driven, cooperative bicycle education center. Our Earn A Bike program accepts donations of used bikes, which kids can earn by learning about bike repair and safe cycling. Surplus bikes are fully refurbished for sale or rent to support the organization. We also offer bike maintenance classes, shop-use membership, shop credit for volunteering, and the League of American Bicyclists' Bike Driver's Ed course. We are not a bike shop, and do not take drop-off bike repairs. (We do, however, offer a 15 minute, while you watch bike check-over). We also do not sell new bikes, clothes, shoes, or non-essential accessories. We encourage you come to the co-op to learn, and go to your local bike shop to buy

Cleveand TimeBank

Transition Cleveland