Bolzano, Italy

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Consistent with the overall mission of SCN, SCN South Tyrol aims at involving and empowering citizens to join, start or collaborate in sharing initiatives for fun, mutual support and movement building. 
SCN South Tyrol is to offer a starting platform for independent sharing initiatives by individuals, groups of individuals or organisations in the fields of any common aspect of civil society. 



Learn more about the Bolzano sharing community right here!

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The sharing community in Bolzano is growing everyday with more coming soon!

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SCN South Tyrol is to host intimate gatherings where people swap, buy and chat the things they don't use anymore but might be of value to others. The following links represent just some of the sharing efforts in Bolzano: 

sharing & caring facebook page
first swapping site: 
green mobility with a threefold aim: (i) car sharing; (ii) real-timeridesharing  (iii) bike sharing
'South Tyrol bikes' - 
a list of more associations in the social sector -  more than apples and cows is a local creative enterprise publishing in italian and german - wupwup is a gathering of international artists operating in different fields of expression with focus on new and interdisciplinary ways of cultural production. - young gallery of many independent artist supporting a young and independent art scene in south tyrol - young independent news channel and local social network.