Bloomington, IN, USA

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There's a lot of sharing going on in Bloomington and new projects are sprouting all the time. The wheel is in motion, it just needs a hub and more spokes! ShareBloomington exists to connect, promote, and catalyze any Bloomington projects that are emergent from and generative of Sharing Culture. No "sharewashing," here. We seek to build networks of commons, gifts, and exchange that aren't mediated by financial transaction. Our vision of Sharing Culture is one of collective actions and cultural practices that can reinvigorate our sense of community, our sense of shared values, and our ability to work together for a better Bloomington. From free-stores to tool-shares, everything is from everybody and for everybody!


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The sharing community in Bloomington is growing everyday with more coming soon! Click here to connect with the ShareBloomington Facebook page. 

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