Barcelona, Spain

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Welcome to Sharing City Barcelona, where you can find information about local organizations, resources and news! Sharing in Barcelona is growing everyday – we welcome your participation! 


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The sharing community in Barcelona is growing everyday with more coming soon! Click this link to connect with the HabLab and learn about sharing in Barcelona. 

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Find local resources, events and news

Barcelona en Transició - Barcelona transition movement: mostly a virtual group, a facebook page and a mailing list.

Permacultura Barcelona- Barcelona wide workgroups tackling aspects of permaculture. A very active bioconstruction group: Bioconstruye ( They are instrumental in getting urban gardens off the ground and alive sometimes via "permablitzes".

Cooperativa Integral Catalana- a transition initiative towards a fairer, more participative and sustainable society. It incorporates various local currencies, thousands of members, many communities and work spaces, local food initiatives and a distribution network, and much much more.

Two local urban gardens in Barcelona city centre. Well worth a visit - 

Hort del Xino      Hortet del Forat 

Espai Germanetes- Really cool urban participation project with english language article at

Pla d'Energia Participatiu- A participative community group active across barcelona centering on the Sant Martí, PobleNou and La Verneda neighbourhoods. It means "Participative energy plan" where energy is seen with a wide definition from neighbour participation to actual energy generation. Many focus groups with lots of activities, a large urban garden space waiting to happen, and a quarterly meeting.

La Mandanga - A shared workspace/event space started by local architects and artists working on participative projects in raval and beyond, and has been our daily ShareFest HQ, work area and printing house.

Can Battlo - A huge, neighbourhood run social/industrial space in Sants, Barcelona, with a public library, carpentry workshops, a working bar and events area and much more. Many architects and groups have participated in rebuilding these spaces from recycled materials.

Arquitecturas Colectivas An online and real social network interested in the participative construction of the urban environment

HabLab / oficina de vivienda raval - a p2p based local participative laboratory to re-imagine and build new ways of life and living:

Ellokal - A cultural association in Raval, Barcelona (and they lent us a paella hob and sound equipment!)

Espacio del Inmigrante Raval - A space run by and for migrants in Raval, Barcelona. It includes a legal help space, a health clinic, language courses and a cultural night with a social diner.

Som 300 - A protest/awareness raising group and various people who identify as ex-inhabitants of La Nave, a squatted industrial space that existed for many years in the PobleNou neighbourhood, and evicted in July 2013. Many of these people are now active in other organisations. Many articles have been written about "the ship" - la Nave, also known as mount zion, which once ran many recycling spaces and regular shipments to and from west africa.

Cooperativa Calafrica Moving - A cooperative formed by some ex members of "La Nave" which provides legal backing and documents for recycling, arts and other activities.

Gurudwara Sahib Ji - A popular community kitchen in the Sikh faith which serves hundreds of people (of any and all faiths or walks of life) a day in the Raval neighbourhood and was partly the inspiration for food being such a central part of this sharefest.

RAI-ART - Inter-cultural venue with a horizontal structure and music rehearsal spaces used by some of the artists participating in sharefest.

Transicion Sostenible: Spain wide but partly Barcelona based transition group doing transition courses.

Investigación Canyera: Bamboo based construction research group responsible for our beautiful  bamboo canopy at the Hort del Xino

Cañá Viva: Another group doing bamboo related activities.

Can Masdeu: a squatted social centre, residence and community garden in the Collserola Park on the outskirts of Barcelona. Very well organised and run various weekly gardening or bioconstruction activities.

Photosyntesis: A group doing artistic urban interventions and workshops.

Barcelona Freecycle-

Bookcrossing Spain -


- Bon Pastor (Sant Andreu): Centre Cívic Bon Pastor, Passeig Enric Sanchís s/n,

- Gràcia: Plaça del Nord 7-10,

- Raval: Sant Pau 82,

- Barceloneta: Conreria 1-9,

- Sant Martí: Gran Via 837,

- Sarrià-Sant Gervasi: Jaume Piquet 23

- Can Baró (Horta-Guinardó): Josep Serrano 59-71

- Trinitat Vella (Sant Andreu): Centre Cívic Trinitat Vella, Foradada 36-38,

- Sagrada Familia: Espai 210, Padilla 210 baixos,