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Vancouver, BC, Canada

Members of Share Vancouver @ a Sharing Station.  Photo by Rufio van Hoover

Sharing Station at Main Street Car Free Day, Vancouver

Leslie Kennah Photography

Welcome to Vancouver's Sharing Cities Network Page! 

Here you can find information about local organizations, resources and news. Check out the map below to find local sharing intiatives near you.

The Shareable Cities Network connects sharing initiatives from around the world to sharing resources and ideas. Here in Vancouver, The Sharing Project and other local sharing leaders have convened a working group that is working collectively to raise awareness and expand the capacity of sharing locally. This working group, called “Share Vancouver”, has met several time since Summer 2013 and is a community of sharers working collectively to raise awareness and expand the capacity for sharing locally.

*Content on this page will inititially be built at a community MapJam held on April 9th in Vancouver.  To add or update content on this page, please post on the Share Vancouver Facebook page.  As of April 1st, 2014 this page is crowdsourced from the local sharing community and updated by members of the Share Vancouver working group.

Share Vancouver seeks a more robust, resilient local economy that fosters stronger, more connected communities and lowers the region-wide environmental impact.


Click to submit your own addition to the map! 

Submit an event to help activate more sharing in the Vancouver area. Don't forget to geotag "Vancouver" so it shows up on our events page!

Find local resources, events and news

Vancouver’s Share Map displays sharing resources across the city. It will be developed at a MapJam on April 9th where sharing organizations, City of Vancouver staff, CityStudio students, and the public will map sharing resources throughout the city. The aim is to connect Vancouverites to the growing sharing economy movement.

If you have a resource that you would like added to the map please please post on the Share Vancouver Facebook page.

BC Co-operative Association
Co-op Housing in Vancouver
Farm Folk City Folk
Food Not Bombs
Green Bin Share Project
How-to Share Guides
Part Time Pooch
Phone: 604-500-3601
The Sharing Project
Trade School Vancouver
Truck Please
Vancouver Foundation: Neighbourhood Small Grants
Village Vancouver
Vancouver, BC, Canada - Shareable


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