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Working toward city/neighborhood tool sharing, fruit mapping, block parties, and other sharing opportunities.

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Long Beach Free Store

This is a place where you can share what you have and/or find what you need. You can bring gently used items in good condition to donate while shopping the inventory for things that you would like. We have pop-up free stores at festivals or fairs. We have a monthly community exchange called the 710 Swap. We also host various other events to give people an opportunity to share and find.

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Long Beach Free School

Everyone a student; everyone a teacher. With the whole city as our campus, we promote the value of lifelong learning by providing an unconventional educational system for a diverse set of subjects. This is a way for you to share your experience and knowledge with others. Anyone can teach a class on something they know well. Anyone can attend a class. Learn a musical instrument, foreign language, art, craft, sport, or new skill. Enroll or teach a 6 week class on any subject you're interested.

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Long Beach Time Exchange

The Long Beach Time Exchange is a place where you can exchange services and skills for time instead of money. It's a great way to build community as everyone offers their volunteer time to each other while banking time credits.

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