Wealth Inequality in America: It's Worse Than We Thought [Video]

We know that there's wealth inequality in America. But it turns out, it's even worse than we thought. A study of 5,000-plus Americans found that perceptions of wealth distribution are not nearly as extreme as the reality of it.

This video, which is making the viral rounds at a breakneck pace, shows the truth of the matter: that income inequality is so severe, so outrageous, that it is, quite literally, off the chart.

A nice campanion to this video is a recent Demos report, "Stacked Deck" which details "how the dominance of politics by the affluent and business undermines economic mobility in America." What's clear is that a political solution to wealth inequality may be slow coming, all the more reason for us to create our own jobsenterpriseshousingcurrenciesbankseducation, and Internet access while the politics get sorted. 


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