Tiny House Village Proves to be Perfect Vacation Getaway

Wanting to create a getaway from the hustle and bustle of Austin, Texas, four couples built a tiny house vacation village on the Llano river in the hill country outside of the city. They named the project the Llano Exit Strategy.

Originally intending to build one large, shared house, the group decided instead to build four tiny houses with a shared, 1,500 square foot common building. Designed by Austin architect Matt Garcia, the village serves as an energy efficient getaway for the families and a sweet rental for those who want to experience the tiny life on their vacation or retreat.

The Llano tiny houses, which are 350 square feet, were built for $40,000 each

The warmth of the exposed plywood interiors offsets the cool, corrugated steel exteriors

The common space includes a commercial-size range, an oversized refrigerator, a guest room with bunk beds, and a table that seats 12

Architect Matt Garcia designed the village so that each structure would have an unimpeded view of the river

Each tiny house has its own mini kitchen and bathroom

The common area has plenty of comfy seating and hangout spots

Each tiny house has a sloped roof for rainwater collection

The tiny houses have just enough room for the essentials...and a few extras like an electric bass

The common house boasts a large deck—perfect for evening get togethers and group river viewing


Photos: Alex Stross via HomeAway. Follow @CatJohnson on Twitter.