This Week in Sharing

Here's a spattering of links about sharing, the commons, and other cool stuff we at Shareable thought you might enjoy clicking at. If you like 'em, come back. We do this every week.

  • If the future when you didn't have to own a car but could borrow one with a few clicks on your phone, then welcome to the future. ZimRide is going mobile.
  • With just a few hours and a few hundred bucks to go, consider supporting this Occupy the Airwaves Kickstarter.
  • Could it be that kids aren't driving as much these days because they can just hang out online?
  • If you have been searching for the right mantras to keep yourself from getting too focused on all the clutter around you, try the UnStash Manifesto.
  • Bicycles get a lot of attention when it comes to contemporary urban policy, but what about their role in the liberation of Western women? Brainpicker has a look at the National Geographic special issue about just that.
  • Maybe some companies are hoping the spread of 3D printing will allow them to simply charge huge rents on designs and leave the making to the customer. The swashbucklers at The Pirate Bay have different ideas.
  • One last plug for the "Theorizing the Web" conference at the University of Maryland, College Park this weekend. Go and tell me all about it!
  • Check out this weapon of mass instruction.
  • New York city tries some participatory budgeting, and the winner is school bathrooms.
  • Makerspaces and DARPA? But wait, let them explain!

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